Say Good Night to the Bad Guys

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Say Good Night to the Bad Guys

In who could be, the most criticized sports figures since Muhammad Ali, the 2010-11 Miami Heat were eliminated last night in Game 6 of the NBA Finals by the Dallas Mavericks, 4 games to 2. Dallas outplayed Miami in all phases and ended a miraculous NBA season where brand-new trends were started by teams (super-teams) and marquee players played at their best. The Heat, led by their “Big 3 version” of Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh played the “villainous team” all season long being analyzed, over-analyzed, ridiculed, cheered and jeered by every fan in every NBA arena.

They and the coaching staff have endured a rollercoaster season doing what teams have little success in doing “adjusting on the fly” and “winning”. Usually, teams do one or the other. They were swept by the upstart Chicago Bulls in the regular season and manhandled by the Celtics in 3 out of 4 games. Even this writer didn’t give them a chance to advance past the second round–they had glaring weaknesses at the 1 and 5 positions, no bench and half-court game. But, as if they were destined, the team did what they were assembled to do which is win the Eastern Conference and compete for the NBA Championship.
They didn’t win the title as was mentioned at the start and this week (probably next as well) will be filled with question after question and doubt upon doubt as to the Heat’s mistakes. This Heat team though will evolve and yes, the circus will begin again in November. This team is talented, cohesive and they will return to the playoffs next year to make a strong case for a title. They will move into the first tier of NBA elite franchises and will be a perennial contender in a competitive S.E. Division and the Eastern Conference. Yes, yes they went down now like Ali lost to Frazier in their first fight at MSG in 1971. The US was divided down the middle and rejoiced when Ali lost. He returned afterwards, won the title twice more and beat Frazier twice.

How do you like them “apples”?

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