Sports Media playing both sides to EVERY story

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Sports Media playing both sides to EVERY story

A few days ago, Charles Barkley in his saga to belittle the Miami Heat (but he says he isn’t) said on a New York Radio Show that the media “hypes up” most of the stories on the players. The radio hosts exploded at Barkley because Barkley is also considered a media personality, but it brings up a point that sports analysts, anchors and talk show hosts defend vehemently.

Everytime in an interview when any professional athlete blames the media for twisting words, creating controversy or making up news to benefit themselves, they get up on each of their “soapboxes” and stand behind the first amendment. They state with supreme fury that “they” are only reporting the stories, “they” don’t make any comments or controversy. Its the players’ who are saying it so “its their fault” and any blaming of the media is cuckoo because the media is only doing its first amendment duty to report the news.

Well, the words that were written by the journalist or said by the talk show host didn’t come from heaven or mailed to them by God Himself. They came from the flawed, fallible, utterly human mind of that person and it was given the green light by the managment of that media outlet. Now, just as much as the media has the right to print or report news, they also are a business and they need to stay solvent. In today’s Internet media and 24 hour news cycle, its the number of hits a story gets or how many times the site is visited as opposed to the number of papers sold that makes money. For example, the sites “Deadspin” and “TMZ” are the new standard in journalistic professionalism. Their approach is to “chuck” the professionalism and become the neighborhood gossip mill. The key is to get the story out there–no matter what and however outlandish it might be. Oh, and if they have to apologize or retract–No problem–the site will continue to get visitors.

So, throughout all the seasons, the media beat writers, analysts, anchors and talk show hosts “burn bridges” with the men and women that they cover who have families, social lives and hope for life after sports. To use another Great American document who are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but the money they earn doesn’t satisfy that option. The writers, analysts and anchorsĀ are content with their position and approach to their jobs. Soon though, maybe bloggers will replace “journalists” and regular fans will replace analysts and news anchors. Its easy isn’t it?

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  1. Jamie Monastarky, 9 years ago Reply

    Barkley has a big mouth. The media always spins things hoiw they want, so I try not to listen that often .

  2. DustyDustin, 9 years ago Reply

    I hate liustening to the media. I listen to what I care to listen to. Who are these guys anyways? Just fans who have been handed a mic,

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