What it means to ‘get off to a good start’ in games

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What it means to ‘get off to a good start’ in games

There is an old saying that goes, “its not how you start, its how you finish.” Another philosophy is to ”stay close, then win the fourth quarter.” But really if a team doesn’t execute well from the beginning of games till the game ends, there is really little chance in an 82 game season that when the game matters most, they will put it together and win. That is why it is important to get off to “a good start”. Not the “lead” mind you, or to dominate a weaker opponent and begin to toss up circus shots and 360 degree dunks. No, a “good start” is to run plays with efficiency and production. To play with tremendous effort and communicate with the rest of your teammates on the floor in the context of the game and its dynamics with simplicity and understand them immediately.

Now, the opposing team may counter any offensive or defensive success with their own efficiency and productivity. But a team that gets off to that good start will be in a better position to counter the opposing teams response because they will know where there weakness is, defend it and proceed with a new attack. The key here is that over 48 minutes in a game with its adjustments and momentum swings, “Who will break first?” Odds are with the exception of nights where the basketball gods themselves play with time clocks or rims, the team best prepared and most efficient will prevail. When a team trains and trains until every play, screen, shot and movement can be communicated and understood, the game would end up being the equivalent of actors performing on stage in front of a live crowd.

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  1. DustyDustin, 9 years ago Reply

    We saw it in the Finals. The Mavs got some serious leads and look what happened…They are Champs now.!!

  2. Freddric Pare, 9 years ago Reply

    Look, gettign off to a good start is important, but i think closing is more important. Look what The Mavs did versus the Heat in the finals a few times. They cam eback from like 15 points and won. Theyre Champs, and not because of their start, but because of their finish!

    • Eric Labrador, 9 years ago Reply

      Mavs in the last three games they won played well from start to finish. Heat looked strong but didnt have enough against their strong play.

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