Who holds the key for this lockout?

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Who holds the key for this lockout?

Oh nooo!!! It’s a race against the clock… For the 1st time ever I’m VERY irritated with the NBA!!! This “lockout” is putting a damper on things and I’m not speaking of the obvious! There are so many things going on right now which I have to share with people on the “other side” but with this little disagreement with the Players vs Owners I won’t be able to talk to some of my closest confidants! That is not fair at all… I mean seriously the lockout is going to have a few people held hostage and I won’t be able to connect with them until this matter is dealt with, whenever that may be… Phooey! As family members of NBA players I was told that we cannot mingle in any way with the staff of the NBA Teams. It’s not like I’m sitting around talking bout new strategies on how to make sense of this big mess. I would just like it to be talked about tonight, handshakes and then let the ink dry so that we all can just simply move on.

What’s going to happen with free agency??? How can any decisions be made about where a player is going to play if no one can talk to each other? And then we have to consider that there might just not be a summer league which brings up the fact, what happens to the guys who didn’t drafted and want/need to show their skills in order to be put on someone’s roster next season? This is going to be a long off -season for a lot more folks than just the players and owners.

Hmmm… The draft has come and gone and the real excitement for me was to watch it with my sons. It was pretty cool to see how things unfolded thru text messaging and for me not to be able to share via Twitter, Face Book or any form of communication with not even my closest family or friends was a very hard task for me but hey, rules are rules!

I’ve been very busy lately with opening up my new business and I will definitely make sure to update everyone re: the grand opening. My month of travel has officially begun and I will be totally exhausted by summers end. I can’t wait to get to New Orleans this weekend for the events surrounding The Essence Music Festival which includes Chris Paul’s charity events as well. I need to wrap this up now because I’m leaving in the morning for a ROAD TRIP across half the country (don’t ask) and I haven’t packed a thing… Until we meet again, Peace out!

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  1. Tracy Donutzz, 9 years ago Reply

    Fatima, I know you’re the mom of a player and all…But give me a break. The side to take is with the Owners. These players make ridiculous amounts of cash to play ball. And they wanna keep making it. The Owners need to make money too, or why be an owner. Thats the bottom line in all of this.

    Sucks u cant talk to no one in the NBA that you know, wuda been coo to get an inside!

  2. Michael Zuserman, 9 years ago Reply

    I know you never spoke about it, but whats going on with your son? I heard sooo many rumors about him leaving town in a trade. Any truth?

    ANy inside youg ot for us?

    Maybe he can chime in on it here or something? WOuld be great to know his thoughts on it all.

  3. Zig, 9 years ago Reply

    Fatima…I’m afraid this mess isnt getting resolved any time soon…looks like it may be a loooooooooong time till we see our boys out on the court again!!!

  4. Nellz, 9 years ago Reply

    I hold the key. IM A FAN!! Wheres the R E S P E C T????

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