Why LeBron James is Hated … Writer’s Perspective

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Why LeBron James is Hated … Writer’s Perspective

Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy, two people I respect very highly, puzzled me today with their comments surrounding LeBron and the Heat.  Without going into too much detail, Breen and JVG believe that the dislike and vitriol faced by the Heat is uncalled for.  JVG even went to lengths to defend LeBron saying how is it fair that a regular person can move wherever they want for a job, but LeBron can’t?  While these two cannot fathom how people still dislike James, there is plenty for people to dislike.  While I will try not to ramble there are plenty of reasons to dislike this team.

“The Decision” – I’ve decided to take my talents to South Beach.  Those 9 words transformed how people will feel about LeBron James forever.  Prior to “the Decision” people were willing to put up with his self-proclamation of “The King” and Nike commercials calling people to “witness” his greatness.  Staying with Cleveland and putting up that Championship Banner would have no doubt put him up there with the greatest players of all time.  Then LeBron, or Queen James as he is known in Cleveland, decided to turn his back on the people who watched him grow up to go play with his friends.  While I cannot fault him for wanting to win, I fault him for how he played it out.  He left Cleveland hanging with the Cavs getting nothing in return.  He has set a standard for teams to blow up their rosters because they are not sure if their marquee players will stay.  The precedent alone is scary.  Beyond the NBA changes, he had the ego to take over television and tell the world his choice.  The whole world stopped and he was okay with that.  It was a horrible ego move and made him look awful.  This is just the first and easiest finger to point at LeBron.

The next was the show they put on at the American Airlines Arena.  Instead of featuring the whole team.  Pat Riley, the slick haired man pulling the strings in the Heat front office, they featured Bosh, Wade, and James.  It was as if the Pope was coming to town and they wanted to put on a show.  Thousands of people watched this spectacle in which nothing happened but incite more anger amongst people who dislike the Heat.  The Heat were cocky, brash, and somewhat abrasive in their comments.  JVG and Breen feel the dislike is not warranted, but these players put the X’s on their backs, and when you do that, you need to expect the fans of other teams to dislike you with a passion.

The final area in which to dislike the team would be their overall demeanor on the court.  The way the Heat, especially the Big 3 carry themselves on the court is abhorrent.  They complain whenever they are called for a foul, and complain when they do not get the call.  As I write this post, LeBron James is complaining about a foul he committed against Tyson Chandler.   They hype the crowd on plays that are routine and need to be made.  The way they carry themselves is somewhat childish and what one would expect from high school players.  You contrast that with every other playoff team in the league and it is not hard to see why people hate this team.

While the Heat have many proponents across the globe, they have definitely solidified themselves as most hated.  They have pundits on their side, and former players on their side; however, a lot of what made the Big 3 great is going to take away from each of their legacies.  LeBron could be known as the one who could have been Jordan and gave it up.  Bosh known as the third stooge.  Wade, the winner who brought them all together.  I know there is going to be a lot of backlash about this post, but to be honest, I do not like LeBron.  I respect his talent, but he definitely disappointed me when he left Cleveland.  With my next post I will explain LeBron’s legacy, regardless of how many championships he wins he will never be Jordan.

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  1. Patrick Sicher, 9 years ago Reply

    I will be writing a counter point to this argument later, but I just needed to address some of your points real quick.

    Name me one NBA superstar (or scrub) who doesnt complain when he commits a foul? The Celtics, especially Paul Pierce have an organizational philosophy of complaining. Heck, in the game yesterday there was a point where JJ Barea knocked over Mario Chalmers, apologized and helped him up, then complained to the ref about the foul call.

    Also, if you have read Scorecasting, it states that one of the biggest influences on a game in any sport is home court in the NBA because of how it affects the officials. Name me one team in the NBA that doesnt try and hype their team up.

    Also, you say LeBron James set a precedent by leaving his team high and dry to chase a championship. How can he set a precedent when Shaq left the Magic to join up with Kobe and win 3 rings, leaving the Magic with no compensation.

    LeBron was a FREE agent, like Shaq, but the teams still agreed on a sign and trade that worked out to the Heat sending Cleveland two first-round draft picks and two second-round picks, as well as a large trade exception.

    And he is the #1 selling jersey in the NBA, so I think this hate is just because the people with the mics in their face are the ones screaming loudest.

    • Michael Fidler, 9 years ago Reply

      To address your points, this was first a complaint about the culture in Miami, which has made complaining into an art form.
      LeBron for 2 first round picks and two second round picks and a large trade exception is not close to fair market value for a player of his caliber. Also, they did a sign-and-trade because LeBron would then be able to get more money. Had he come as a free agent, he would have lost millions.
      There is no doubt LeBron James is a popular player, but in my personal opinion, some of his goodwill was lost because of the decision and because he left Cleveland.

  2. Zig, 9 years ago Reply

    My friends are crucifying me for rooting for the Heat…Telling me I jumped on the “Bandwagon” If anything its the opposite. I think the Bandwagon is to just hate on the heat for the sake of hating. This team is a dynasty and is fun to watch. So what Lebron is a pompous a-hole, but I would bet 90% of the players in the league are as well, you need that kind of cockiness/swagger to make it in the best league in the world….Heat Sweep !!!

    • Michael Fidler, 9 years ago Reply

      You cannot crown a team a dynasty before they win. If they win as many championships as many expect them to do, then they will be a dynasty. Cockiness and swagger are necessary, but there is a certain demeanor which some carry themselves at that James does not. It is not for the sake of hating that your friends dislike him. Your friends are probably disappointed because of how easily you are swayed. If the Heat do not win and end up being a team that never wins a championship, and another franchise, say the Thunder win 5. Will you be a Thunder fan?

  3. Phoenix Budo, 9 years ago Reply

    Listen! People don’t hate the Miami Heat, people hate Lebum and Lady Bosh.

    For these reasons;
    1. Lebum and Lady Bosh new they were leaving (period)
    2. They both gave up on their respective teams down the stretch
    3. They didn’t allow their former teams to get compensation for them
    4. The “decision”, who are you Michael Jordan?
    5. Lady Bosh’s tweets when he signed with Miami and started trashing the City of Toronto

    The bottom line is Lebum and Lady Bosh are the supporting cast to Dwayne Wades Team, They could win 8 NBA titles and it still wouldn’t matter, Lebum has ruined his legacy and can never be mentioned in same conversation as Jordan, Bird, Magic, Miller, Barkley, Kobe and O’Niel.

    If Wade and Bosh went to Cleveland, Lebum would not be so hated and his legacy would have lived on. Bosh would have been the only hated man and he would only been hated by Toronto because noone else really cares about him. Wade is one of those players you can’t hate he nice guy and keeps quite.

  4. Welov3us, 9 years ago Reply

    @phonenix budo yes I agree with u. Wade is just a nice guy really

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