Lockout will hurt ticket sales

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Lockout will hurt ticket sales

NBA players have been preparing for the end of the CBA and subsequent owner lockout for the last three to four years according to Antawn Jamison in a CBSSports article. Kevin Durant has stated that the players’ are ready to sit out the season until their demands are protected and not changed by the owners. The owners are the antagonists in this one, looking to change the current CBA’s terms to their advantage. They want to change issues dealing with revenue sharing, salary cap and reduction of salaries. The players’ feel that the terms of the 2005 CBA are fine and don’t want it changed.

As fans, this lockout will be a “double-whammy” following the NFL lockout which still has not ended. The players and owners seem to be deaf to displaying any attention to fan reaction other than looking forward to the lockout being lifted. The animosity between each appears to have been something brewing over many years, but hiding behind TV cameras. Will fans return to NBA games if the lockout continues into October? or November? The two sides don’t appear to be factoring that into their discussions and probably the ticket sales during the first months’ of the season will display that.

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