NBA Europe?: The Migration of Players.

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NBA Europe?: The Migration of Players.

By now many of you have heard of the ‘exodus’ that has taken place in the NBA.  Deron Williams has a deal in place with Beksitas in Turkey if there is no NBA season this year.  Williams has further explained that Billy Hunter has OK’d this deal and that Williams believes many other NBA superstars will consider leaving the NBA for Europe as well.  I have a problem with this.

Basketball is the one sport you can play in other countries and be fairly compensated.  You have already seen players like Jeremy Tyler and Brandon Jennings opt to skip college and go to Europe to play for a few years and then file for the draft.  You have also seen players like Anthony Parker and Josh Childress, when their talents were no longer required in the NBA go to Europe, have a successful career and then come back to the NBA.  All of these players come back with more money than they would have made playing in the D-League in the NBA.  The compensation is more than enough to entice some borderline NBA players to make their living overseas and do it well.  This will make the players less likely to sign an agreement that does not fit to their demands.

The last point I made in the previous paragraph is the thing that scares me the most.  The NBA claims that teams are losing hundreds of millions of dollars.  The NBPA claims that the accounting is a large factor in why these losses are so high.  The NBA wants a hard cap that will help each team turn a profit.  The NBPA knows the soft-cap is the way players make their money and salaries would decrease dramatically if a hard-cap is installed.  To be honest the NBA has a lot more to lose than the NBPA because the NBA players, like I’ve already said have an out.  Not only that, but if these players leave for the Euroleague, it is possible that ESPN and other like-minded networks would carry those Euro-League games that would in a way, replace the NBA.  Sponsors of the NBA would then have to pull out of their deals with the NBA and begin to market these Euroleague games.  The NBPA has to know that this ‘nuclear option’ is not out of the realm of possibility and they must know that this would in effect end the NBA.

While I think this is something that is highly unlikely.  The possibility exists.  This season is in jeopardy.  With all of these people try to meet at the table to discuss the possibilities of the future of the NBA, a deal needs to get done, and soon.

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  1. Art Henderson, 9 years ago Reply

    Josh Childress was a great player when he was a Hawk. he went to Olympiakos to get a chance to be a Star, and he got he wanted. Now hes back in the league and is a role player in Phoenix. Isnt that proof enough of what the Euroleague is?

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