NBA players overseas is good for lockout

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NBA players overseas is good for lockout

The NFL having the lockout first has provided a great idea which the NBA has available to them which is to play in leagues’ overseas. Already players’ have begun to sign with teams’ and other players’ state that the trend may continue, even grow larger. This idea is fantastic because the NBA lockout is proving that it will be a more destructive fight then its cousin’s (NFL) current battle.

The key in this “tug of war” between players and management is to continue to play basketball, specifically for the fans. The NBA has spoken in the past about expanding worldwide with teams in Europe and elsewhere. So, with a “forced hand” players’ can make a business decision, head overseas, entertain fans and maintain their fan bases in the United States. As a point of leverage, playing overseas will help put pressure on owners to save the regular season. The player reps such as Maurice Evans and Kevin Durant have stated the owners’ plans for over two years to implement this lockout and the NBAPA is ready for a fight.

Management should take a note from the NFL that a back-to-back lockout will be bad for business. There will be no profit with a new CBA if the businesses/franchises are damaged with low ticket sales, apparel sales, protests and boycotts of games. With the NBA expanding its reach into foreign countries over the last ten years, a six month or year long invasion of European and Middle Eastern countries would be good for business for all sides. To seeĀ US players’ mingling with European stars, winning titles and having blockbuster epic games would be the final goal every owner couldn’t have foreseen but only dreamed when taking the NBA worldwide began.

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  1. DaveS, 8 years ago Reply

    DISAGREE. Its the worst thing for the NBA and Euroleages:

    1) NBA players will get hurt, and or love playing there weakening the competittion in the league
    2) These Euroleagues have players who earned there way on the teams, and now NBA players come and steal jobs,

    • Eric Labrador, 8 years ago Reply

      players may or may not get hurt but 1. US is “where its at” in terms of playing so they will never defect and 2. Lower tier US players have to acclimate to Euro style so job wont be stolen, Top tier guys will have it handed to them by players who idolize them

    • roopman, 8 years ago Reply

      No, these two leagues should not mix! American players will take over Europe and be starters, while European players will see limited playing time, if any at all. Guys like Diamantidis and J. C. Navarro will only get to play 10-15 minutes per game while some Dwyane Wade will get to play 25-30 minutes per game, and that AIN’T RIGHT. NBA players are guests and should receive very limited playing time if they do come over from Europe. This catastrophic event will destroy Euroleague altogether – most European players will have to leave those teams for some NBA players that can come back to NBA once lockout ends, if it ends. This will be bad for Europe!

  2. jonnyWEEKS, 8 years ago Reply

    I dont care where they, so long they play…and I can check it on my TV

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