NBA’ers in Europe is for ‘the good of the game’

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NBA’ers in Europe is for ‘the good of the game’

Fans should relax. The current movement of NBA players’ who are considering or have signed with Euro League teams’ does not signal anything. This won’t be an advantage or disadvantage for Euro League teams either. Keep in mind that Men’s Basketball is an Olympic Sport and it is played worldwide. Euro League players’ have come over to the NBA in the last ten years and it hasn’t bankrupted the Euro Leagues and neither will the opposite. The NBA also is still the “Premier Division/UEFA Champions League” standard for basketball and all players’ know that: a. the NBA is where the money/fame/influence and b. the NBA is in the US and there are no NBA teams in Europe or around the world.
But for one season perhaps, instead of waiting for the Olympics or the FIBA World Basketball Championships to see the best from the US play other nations, we can see them intermingling in competition in Euro League games. It is good for the game of basketball in general. Maybe a handful of lower tier players who play in Euro League will stay, but they are able to do that in a non-lockout year anyways (see Carlos Arroyo, Josh Childress, Allen Iverson). Many young draft picks “season” themselves in Euro League with their rights being owned by NBA teams, so this intermingling between the NBA and Euro League is not uncommon. For top tier players, it will give them a greater opportunity to play FIBA style basketball rather than the three weeks of camp preparing for international play.

Remember, FIBA rules are different from NBA rules. Remember that pesky smaller ball and trapezoid painted area, also different offensive and defensive rules (such as 3 second rule, etc). No, if any top-tier players defected it wouldn’t be because the “grass is greener” on the other side. It would be for more personal reasons depending on the player.
Other than that, all fans should enjoy the competition.

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