The Big Halftimer (Shaq’s TNT debut)

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The Big Halftimer (Shaq’s TNT debut)

Shaquille O’Neal always makes a big splash in everything he does and he didn’t disappoint in his broadcasting debut. Shaq commented that the Heat only have two superstars and not three, leaving out Chris Bosh. Yes, Shaq gave full credit to Lebron James and Dwayne Wade. He said Miami would contend for a title in the 2011-12 season, but made sure to subtly jab that the Heat only had a “Big 2″. Sadly, as opposed to his early years, Shaq now only contributes ‘shock value’ and brings no substance in his actions. After his last Championship with Miami, referees’ and centers’ figured out Shaq’s patented bullying in the low post and his effectiveness was nullified in games. Case in point being after he was traded from Miami, he had no effect except in name only during his stops in Phoenix, Cleveland and Boston.
Shaq though will be absolutely hilarious during the upcoming regular season next to Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson. He will contribute a great contrast in humor to Sir Charles, will make witty jokes and offer tidbits of good basketball analysis for fans. TNT should be advised to ‘play their cards’ right with O’Neal, for if they do too many segments highlighting Shaq’s humor, it will grow tiring along with Barkley’s controversial statements. Magic Johnson, Chris Webber and Kevin McHale combined won’t offer the ‘star power’ that Shaq brings, but at least they made up for it with good halftime analysis of TNT games. Shaquille could end up having a long career in broadcasting, possibly taking the reigns from Sir Charles (if he chooses to retire) but with Shaq’s off the court problems, it maybe a 50/50 shot if he lasts five years with TNT.

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