What players should be doing this time…

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What players should be doing this time…

While I am not a professional agent, pr man, or anything of the like, this summer presents NBA players with a lot of options of how to react to the lockout.  Many of these athletes are looking at a season in which they will not be getting a paycheck.  While some players will not need the money, others will.  For those players who do need the money, they have a few options.

I would suggest that Deron Williams is one of the players who will be profitable regardless of whether or not there is an NBA season.  His idea to play in Europe is not a terrible idea though.  For those players who are the last man on each team in the NBA should consider Europe and China.  Most of the news is about Europe is about Kobe, Dwight Howard and the premier talent; however, these aren’t the players that are going to suffer.  The Pooh Jeter’s (sorry Pooh to pick on you) of the NBA and the NBDL should seriously consider another (or their first) foray into Europe.  There is an opportunity to make money and their talent is in demand.  It would be the easiest way for players to make money at the profession they are best at.

The next area to look at would be working on their image.  There are plenty of former NBA players who have made careers out of being former NBA players.  As a CURRENT NBA player, their stock is never going to be higher.  You look at the likes of John Salley, who helped host a sports show and has also made cameos in movies.  You have Dave Bing who is now the mayor of Detroit.  These guys cashed in on their “celebrity” and were able to come out the other side unscathed.  Often you are hear about NBA players who have retired becoming destitute.  If NBA players get the right mindset and the right information, they can prolong their celebrity and maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

The final area which is something that all players should consider is going back to school.  Some of the best players in the NBA spent one year in college or never made it to that level.  While many people (myself included) are college graduates and are having trouble finding occupations, NBA players have what we do not.  Their capital is earned by them being a NBA players.  If these players go back to school and get their degree they become that more marketable and in turn become better role models.  It would also be a great PR move because players would be seen as doing something that is proactive for their lives and would make the NBA look foolish.

While some might take my ideas to heart and pursue some of these ideas, my fear is that most of this will go on deaf ears.  NBA players want to play basketball in the NBA.  Being in the NBA is a status symbol for many of them, so instead of being proactive many of them will consider playing in summer leagues, or just partying all the time until the lockout is lifted.  I just want an NBA season, and to be honest the players have the capital needed to push for organizational change in the NBA.  If given the right PR directives, the players can corner the owners, and we can have an NBA season.

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