Dirk Turns Down Offer from China

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Dirk Turns Down Offer from China

On Monday, Dirk Nowitzki was offered $1.5 million per month (the largest monthly sum offered to any NBA player since the lockout) to play for the Zhejiang Lions in China but has turned it down.

Many NBA players make their decisions based solely on the money, but Dirk is clearly not one of them.

We already know that he’s agreed to stay in Dallas for 4 more years for $20 million per season rather than making closer to $25 million.

He has also turned down various endorsement deals that were offered to him all throughout his NBA career.

Who knows where he will end up if the lockout continues, but as of right now he will compete for his native country, Germany, in the European Championships as he is determined to help them earn a berth in the 2012 Olympics.


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