Now What?

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Now What?

As we sit patiently waiting for a resolution to be announced between the NBA Players Association and the NBA, time seems to be moving in slow motion.  Prior to the official announcement of the Lockout there still was some hope.  Hope that the 2011/2012 season could be salvaged and that we as Fans of the NBA wouldn’t miss a minute of our beloved basketball.

But now that we are officially in the dog days of Summer and days have turned into Months, an end doesn’t look too encouraging.  It is beginning to look more and more likely that the Lockout will continue deep into the fall and cancellation of next season is at risk. 

We continue to hear more about players making the decision to sign overseas or read about what teams are ‘in play’ for signing some of these players.  David Anderson (Hornets), Hilton Armstrong (Hawks), Nicolas Batum (Blazers), Jordan Farmar (Nets), Nenad Krstic (Celtics), Acie Law (Warriors), Sasha Vujacic (Nets) and of course Deron Williams are all a short list of players who have already signed deals to play elsewhere as the Lockout pushes on.

With the exception of D-Will, none of the above listed players are Superstars who will be greatly missed.  What I mean by this is that they are all replaceable and the mass exodus of NBA ‘Talent’ has yet to begin.  Williams, who is a league Superstar may have signed a 1-year contract with Besiktas out of Turkey, but he had an opt-out clause written into his contract that allows him to return to the NBA if the Lockout were to end.  There has been rumors about Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Andre Iguodola and other major stars possibly signing overseas but yet to date…none have done so.  This may be a behind the scene indicator that there may still be hope of a season.  If Williams could arrange for a deal with an Opt-out clause, why wouldn’t they all negotiate a similar contract in order to stay active and play basketball?  Could it be because they too are hoping for a miracle?

The other day, Lebron James spoke with the Associated Press and indicated that he is confident that next season will happen and he isn’t interested in the possibilities of playing elsewhere.  With all these stars staying State side and playing in local pickup games the intrigue of the league has yet to fully disappear.  There has been a ton of video highlights of our favorite stars playing pick-up ball to keep us content…for now.

The latest round of negotiations between both sides led us no further ahead than we were a couple weeks back.  There have been many quotes and numerous insiders who have spoke about next season all but lost, but as a fan is that what we want to hear?  We need to keep positive and hope for the best because at this point we have nothing.  There is the odd Front Office move made or a new Assistant Coach hired on, but it’s just not doing the trick.  The desire to read rumors, gossip and player movement is missing and now that we are inching our way closer to missing the upcoming season all together it’s time to pick sides.

Who’s side…now that’s something to keep us busy!

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