Playing a ‘game of chicken’ for $9B

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Playing a ‘game of chicken’ for $9B

The comments from players and owners regarding the NBA lockout is not good. Both sides appear ready for a long, drawn out battle. Even Billy Hunter, NBPA Union Director, is stating that the 2011-12 season is in danger of being canceled if an agreement can’t be resolved. David Stern and Derek Fisher have been snapping at one another through interviews with the press accusing each other of unfair practices in the negotiating process. All this though sounds too familiar to fans because the NFL went through exactly, step for step, the same events at the start of their lockout. Both sides though, when confronted of the edge of the ‘abyss’ turned away at the last minute and reached a labor agreement. So goes the negotiating process in collective bargaining today.
The NBA and the Players’ Association know the negative ramifications of a lost season. They know the financial problems which will result and the major ‘hit’ they will take from fan confidence in ticket sales when the CBA is resolved and league play starts. But for now, each side will play a game of ‘chicken’ with each other (see NFL, Republicans & Democrats in Congress) daring one another to see who will go far enough to the edge. An interesting question or topic would be if, the fans themselves cancel the season by not attending a single game nationwide? If the backlash from the above former disputes have embittered the population so much, that they will not accept a third dispute lightly and simply return to games unphased? That is just ‘talk show fodder’. Isn’t it?

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