Remembering Rodman

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Remembering Rodman

I have never seen anyone rebound the way he did. Dennis Rodman entered the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame tonight and he gave a heartfelt speech thanking coaches and mentors who helped him during his professional career, repented on past sins and reached out to his mother with whom he has long had a strained relationship. Rodman during his playing career was ‘supernatural’. A very limited scorer, Rodman was NBA Defensive First-team seven times, twice Defensive Player of the Year and rebounding champion seven times between 1992-1998.

But it was rebounding where he made his mark, Rodman could be seen in many highlights with his hands first on the ball after a shot or tipping the ball away from other player’s hands till he secured the ball. Rodman defensively was the forerunner of players’ like Bruce Bowen, Ben Wallace and Ron Artest–limited offensively, but able to change the outcome of games on the other side of the ball. Rodman had such quickness and hustle that he would be able to guard any opposing player 1 through 5. Rodman won rebounding titles competing against front-line players like David Robinson, Karl Malone, Shaquille O’Neal and Alonzo Mourning, so it was no small feat with Rodman only measuring 6’6″ in comparison to them. He was one of the greatest players of a great era of expansion in NBA history.

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