The clock is ticking…

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The clock is ticking…

Earlier this week, some NBA players had a regional meeting the UCLA campus in California to discuss all things lockout.  Prior to this meeting, there has been little heard about the next round of negotiations and a possible end to this lockout. 

Kevin Love, the Star Forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves was very open and honest about the responsibility the players have to work towards an agreement and hopefully save the upcoming season.  Taking all the financials out of the equation it appears as if the hard salary-cap is the major obstacle.  The Players Union and League have gone weeks since they last met and no one is certain when they will meet again.  Could a salary-cap really be the major hurdle? The NHL instituted one and the league is thriving.

In an odd ‘business as usual’ move, the NBA just released their 2011/2012 pre-season schedule.  Very intriguing.  It’s not business as usual.  The Vegas Summer League has been cancelled, players are showing up in rec leagues to keep ‘in shape’ and rumors are flying through the media on a daily basis about who is signing where and what overseas team may sign who and for how long.

It’s a tad confusing for a fan to keep on top of.  No team is willing to sign the Deron Williams like contract with an opt-out clause so the question now becomes when do players make the decision to sign?  What is the drop dead last day that they will wait for until they come to terms with the season being cancelled and make their move overseas?

Fans are fed up sitting back and hearing next to nothing about the lockout except for what game Kobe Bryant scored 45 points in against a bunch of amateurs.  This isn’t NBA excitement.  What this is is just a tease.  We deserve to be kept better updated by both sides of the supposed negotiations.  After all, it is us who pays for merchandise, game/season tickets and who keep their television ad revenues as high as they are by watching televised games.  Fans for some reason have become the forgotten ones in this ugly mess.

It took the NFL months to finally come to a conclusion and luckily for them they were able to hammer out a deal and save their season.  The way it looks right now, the NBA and its fans wont be so lucky.  The clock is ticking and as each day passes the season and fan loyalty and patience becomes further in jeopardy. 

Both sides need to suck up their pride, sit down and get a strong mediator that can come in and work with them to come to an end of this lockout as it is doing nothing but allienating the people that truly matter.  The fans!

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