The Greatest game “you” have seen in last 20 years

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The Greatest game “you” have seen in last 20 years

Which could it be? There has been many on ESPN, TNT, ABC and NBC in the last twenty years (Playoffs, Christmas Day games, NBA Finals, Marquee matchups) but what could be the greatest game. “Greatest” meaning in this blog, a game similar to a movie, where a story is told during the game about the game, the players’, the coaches, the offensive runs and defensive stands. You as the viewer haven’t seen a trailer for the movie but as it unfolds you begin to tell yourself “This is the greatest game I’ve ever seen.”

The game could’ve been on a Tuesday night when you saw your team come back from 15 points down in the second half to beat their opponent. It could’ve been a tough division matchup where your team won on the road and it had a losing record vs. that team the last several times it played them. Or could it have been a great game and your team lost? Many times a “great” or the “greatest game” any fan has ever seen is when their team wins. Usually, one’s team winning follows the discussion of a “great” game, but there are a bevy of emotions associated when one’s team makes a valiant effort against a superior opponent or after starting off poorly, “rattles” off a valiant comeback only to fall short. Stories have been told time and again in such manners and are meant to teach lessons to the listeners, so should be the result of losses in an NBA game.

Another factor is the picture that the play-by-play person and color analyst painted calling that particular game. It matters because they act as “the storytellers”. The play-by-play person gives the “ebbs and flows” while the color analysts gives the “how” and the “why” on each shot, rebound and offensive “run”. Would a game always be considered great because of a game winning shot? That comes certainly into consideration as well. Are they just games where Michael, Larry or Magic played? or could it have been a game with other stars like Thomas, Drexler, Olajuwon or Barkley? Be in mind, this blog isn’t meant to develop an “ESPN-like” top list of games where people debate and second guess. Only to enjoy each others descriptions and feelings of great games.

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