NBA Cancellations…

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NBA Cancellations…

The lockout situation keeps getting worse.  It appears now that NBA team training camps and some of of the pre-scheduled pre-season will be cancelled Today.  According to, a source has informed them that talks on Thursday proved once again to be hopeless as both sides are no closer to reaching a deal.  With the news of the cancellation of training camps, who knows how many players will now choose to sign overseas. 

With so many players already choosing to sign overseas (Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith, Mehmet Okur, Rudy Fernandez, Deron Williams…just to name a few) it is looking more and more like the season is in doubt.  Both sides are just too far away from a mutually agreeable deal and fans are losing whatever patience they may have left with the NBA.  NBA buzz should be at its peak right now as the season is close to its opening tip-off.  There has been zero player transactions, no rumors and no anything as far as NBA and basketball related excitement is concerned.  Taking a simple look at Twitter feeds and posts is enough of an indication that fans are fed-up with the game we have loved and worshipped for so long.  All hope has been lost as fans have apparently come to grips with the fact that the season is in jeopardy and all hope has been lost.

With rumors of Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and other marquee names possibly heading overseas in the near future who knows just how long this lockout might last.  Once the season gets officially cancelled or partially cancelled the flood-gates will open with players making a mass exodus overseas in order to keep themselves in game shape and play the game that they love. 

Why is it that players get the option to continue their passion…and their love by signing to play with another team, while fans are left with nothing but memories and old NBA TV Classic games on television.

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