Practicing defense, Hubie Brown and Charles Barkley

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Practicing defense, Hubie Brown and Charles Barkley

Defense wins championships. Any “knucklehead” can score: These are both simple ways to approach playing basketball games and/or approaching playing basketball, but it reinforces a precept that defense is a big part of playing the game. It is a fundamental that is more important than learning to dribble and shoot the ball. On the Internet you can watch a clip of Hubie Brown showing the rules of playing defense at one of his basketball camps makes this point very clear.

The key for the basketball player on defense is not to dominate his opponent, but to make scoring extremely difficult for him or her during a game. The first rule is to “fan” the opponent all over the court which is moving from side to side, knees bent, butt down, one hand in the opponent’s face and the other to the side the opponent has the ball to close the passing lane. The second is to deny the opponent access to the painted area and funnel them to the perimeter. The third is to never foul a jump shooter, but to challenge the shot. The reason being is that a defensive player doesn’t want to give up free points at the foul line to a good shooter, so challenging the shot and then (fourth) “boxing out” the player with elbows out makes it difficult for them.

These skills aren’t easy and take a lot of work to become adept at them. A player though can increase his chances of competing effectively and develop his skills set to a very competitive level working on these rules. The phrase Charles Barkley made famous in a shoe commercial of  “Any knucklehead can score” plays into this because having speedy players zoom by you and score at will or lazy players constantly live on the perimeter sinking shots is very frustrating. It also will take a lot of energy to match a good player shot for shot, so simply adopting a “score first” mentality as well won’t work.

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