Labor talks to continue…

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Labor talks to continue…

After 2 days of talks between the Players Association and the NBA and its team Owners, more talks are scheduled for this Friday and through the weekend if necessary according to

It appears as if PLayers and Owners have finally realized the severity of this game of cat and mouse they are engaged in.  On one hand, we have each side standing their ground waiting until the other side budges on their demand.  And on the other we find each party finally coming to terms with the fact that if both sides don’t make some concessions, the season is in jeopardy and will be delayed and/or cancelled.

Numerous players have signed contracts overseas already as the fear of a cancelled season mounts.  It is tough to imagine October without NBA basketball, but as September comes to a close the pre-season has already had 43 games cancelled and if the talks this weekend go nowhere who knows how many more will be axed.  This is no longer a joke.  This is no longer a game of wait and see who squirms first.  We (FANS) are staring down the barrel of a shotgun known as NO NBA.  For ball fanatics and the casual fan like this is a nightmare that is coming true.  All through the summer each party involved took the severity of this situation lightly apparently as only now are the talks heating up.

The NFL took 4 months until they finally got a deal done, and only the final threat of a cancelled season made the deal possible.  Well, the NBA is now at that point and apparently they have reached the same impasse. 

What’s at stake is more than just lost revenue’s for Owners and salaries for the Players.  What’s at stake is loyalty.  Loyalty to the game by its fans.  The casual NBA fan will lose patience and be totally turned off from the game and if the loyal die hards are getting fed-up waiting and may focus attention elsewhere (see the NHL for instance).  With so many teams in the league hurting financially to stay a float, cities like Indiana, Charlotte, New Orleans and Minnesota better be careful as contraction may not so far away.

As we await the final word from the latest round of talks early next week, we should all take a deep breath a pray to the basketball angels out there that the season is somehow salvaged and the greed that both sides have take a  back seat to the respect and loyalty that fans have shown this game for years and years.

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