The ‘silver lining’ on the NBA lockout

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The ‘silver lining’ on the NBA lockout

Whether it is Carmelo and Chris Bosh on Law & Order doing a cameo appearance, Kobe coaching the Los Angeles Sparks or Ron Artest/Metta World Peace on Dancing with the Stars, it is a fantastic move for NBA players’ to get active during the lockout and collective bargaining negotiations with league owners. The top players’ as well as playing in Europe should also make as many appearances as actors, musicians and even in reality shows (such as Undercover Boss, American Idol, Top Gear). They should show their abilities, talents and personalities to the general public that cannot be seen in a pre-game or post-game interview. Each player should conduct themselves as they regularly behave, of course following the rules of the lockout, and not “handled” by an agent close by to show that “they are REAL people too”!

In the end, the life of a professional athlete is brief anyways. Many of these players’ instead of murdering people, selling marijuana or engaging in horrible investments with their money should engage in “regular life activities” and their “ups and downs” to prepare for the end of their playing careers. Case in point, this off season has seen many reports of NBA players’ in altercations at charity games with fans. How many fans are tired of these news reports which take away from the game anyways. The ‘usual’ is: sports news outlets completely “blow up” a story on an athlete (DWI, domestic violence, drugs), it trends on social networking sites and a grainy cell-phone recording goes ‘viral’ on You Tube. The athlete issues a rehearsed apology for these actions, and life goes on. So maybe having a season canceled will provide some perspective. Fans will save money from not paying $6 for a Hot Dog, go to less-expensive games (high school or Community College, maybe Semi-pro) and continue to watch College and Pro Football on Saturdays and Sundays.

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