First two weeks canceled, Season next?

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First two weeks canceled, Season next?

Its official. The first two weeks of the regular season have canceled as reported by numerous news outlets from an announcement made tonight by NBA commissioner David Stern. None of the meetings between owners and players have resulted in any progress. If the NBA lockout were a proposition bet in a Las Vegas sportsbook parlor, it would be for the over/under on canceled games. Derek Fisher came out earlier today with a tweet trend to call for the lockout to be ended but also added the players must stay united. It hardly seems that on either side there is any leadership and the sides are only “digging in their feet” for a long drawn out battle.

The NBA is a very successful league and many people enjoy watching league games but with the second work stoppage in the last fifteen years together with the squabbling by owners and players over billions, the league could soon see itself back in the days where games were played late nights and tape delayed. These days seem long ago but thirty years is only a “blink of an eye” in terms of time. The negative press generated by players over the years (domestic violence disputes, DWIs, drugs) could create a “domino effect” of further lost revenue by fans’ showing disinterest. The NBA cannot think of itself as eternally solvent. The divide between players and owners as to how solvent the league is and how the wealth should be shared shows how flawed is the league’s business plan.

Many news outlets nonchalantly analyze each move made and each comment by the two parties realizing that eventually the amount of money to be made will bring both sides to an agreement. But effective business deals are never made in a “matter of fact” type of way. Lack of leadership and willingness to sacrifice leads to frayed relationships and eventually poor judgement and decision making. Neither can greed only be the deciding factor in negotiating agreements. The collective bargaining process was created in the US to protect employee from employer and garner a healthy, balanced relationship with commerce being the goal.

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  1. Davee, 9 years ago Reply

    So sick. It makes me want to vomit watching these guys forget about the fans. Which they obviously did.

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