NBA fans should voice their displeasure with NBA if lockout ends

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NBA fans should voice their displeasure with NBA if lockout ends

Ken Berg of is reporting that the owners have “backed-off” their pre-condition of the players’ association agreeing to a 50/50 split of basketball related income and the two sides are intent to get a collective bargaining agreement in place to begin the 2011-12 season. But, in line with the “Occupy Wall Street” movement and the revolutions taking place in the middle east, fans in every NBA venue should send a message to teams during the pre-game warmups and team introductions. Nothing more, nothing less than booing and hissing continously during this time until tip-off should be done to show owners, players, general managers and coaches that their bickering, back-biting and in some cases in-fighting have not gone unnoticed. It would be important for fans to show the two parties that as a whole, the fans who watch and attend NBA games are not “fickle” and won’t welcome the start of a new season with arms wide open.

The NBA is a professional sports league but it is not ‘eternally solvent’ or ‘too big to fail’. Certainly the players’ lockout by owners garners a bitter taste for many from the nasty tension ‘behind the scenes’ between the two which has exploded in the last four months. Taking the time to even read the details, implications and revenue-sharing plans involved sometimes seems never-ending and boring compared to the quick pace of an NBA game. So therefore, if a deal should be reached in the coming days, a solid thirty minutes of booing and hissing in every NBA venue on opening night doesn’t seem like such a bother.

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