NBA Lockout could be a reality TV show

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NBA Lockout could be a reality TV show

The saga/drama of the NBA lockout has been different from their NFL cousins. There has been dissension among the N.B.P.A with several agents pushing for desertification of the union. Dwayne Wade exploded in a meeting between owners and players upset with Stern pointing at him from across the room while in a discussion with other owners. NBA training camps and preseason games have been canceled and, with no progress during this weekend’s meetings, regular season games are now on the “chopping block”. Billy Hunter is being labeled as a “soft negotiator” and Derek Fisher is putting his fingers in the dam trying to keep the players’ unified.

There had been no progress between owners and players, even though it was written that “…meetings were encouraging”. The NFL players’ rift with the league’s owners now seems equal to a lover’s spat followed by hand holding in a walk down the beach. The rift between the two parties in the NBA lockout actually is very big and it actually seems as if all the claims by players’ of their preparation for over two years for these negotiations (lockout fund, special workout venues) is actually going to be executed. As a fan, any “crunch” or “fixation” for basketball after opening night (Oct 31 or Nov 1) would be after the Super Bowl in the “dog days of February”. Hockey though, stands quietly in a distant fourth place (behind Football, Basketball, College Football), ready to step-in for basketball into the fan’s consciousness with College Basketball not far behind to fill the lost game nights.

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