NBA Season all but lost…

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NBA Season all but lost…

After a Federal mediator was brought in to help broker an agreement between the Players Union and League it appears as though fans should prepare themselves for a cold winter without NBA basketball.

Talks broke off last night after 3 straight days of talks and have led both sides back to square 1.  With both sides unable to agree on a split of Basketball Related Income (BRI) and an effective system (Salaries/Cap/Contract Length), both sides held separate press conferences to address the situation. 

Representing the Players Union, both Union President Derek Fisher and Billy Hunter communicated their displeasure with the League and have left us right where we were at the beginning of these talks some 115 days ago…that would be,  Nowhere.  Conversely, the League is holding strong on there demand of a 50-50 revenue split and unless the Union is willing to budge (they supposedly did, down to 52.5%) there is no point in furthering talks.

The bigger picture in all of this mess is the fact that the fans will now be the one’s that will continue to suffer.  With the first 2 weeks already cancelled, and talks breaking off so dramatically last night it appears that we should prepare for a lengthy NBA layoff with the season in jeopardy.

The greediness of Players and unwillingness to budge by the Owners has led us to this point…No NBA.

There is nothing else that truly matters at this point.  The casual and die-hard fans could care less about how much moneyLebron James pulls in from the Heat’s revenue.  What we care about is watching the game we love, and that won’t be happening anytime soon…

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