Past vs. Present NBA players at a neutral site

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Past vs. Present NBA players at a neutral site

As NBA players are beginning a six game world tour, it is curious to wonder if, with the extreme talent and ability the superstar players of today display, would they be able to defeat a team of All-Stars from the past. A good test would be to propose a fifteen game series between stars of the past and present. A definite full allotment of coaches would be necessary plus ample practice time. Current NBA rules would be applied to the game and the games would not be played exhibition style–possibly for a prize of $30,000 to the winners and $15,000 to the losers of the series in order to provide incentive. The coaches would choose the players and the venue would be in Lebanon, Kansas, geographic center of the United States to be the most neutral site possible. All news outlets would be open to cover the games and players would give regular interviews just as during the season.

The amount of games could vary, possibly a 27 game series would be better. It can be theorized though that the players from the past could give the current players a run for the money. The current players based on the press coverage and wide-open approach to coverage by reporters would have an advantage being new to older players used to more subdued reporting. Although after a few games, the older players would “catch on” to eager, ambitious reporters while the young group would begin to get frustrated. As with current rules being used, current league referees would have to officiate so possibly referees might “let the players play” rather than officiate the games tightly. Rest assured both coaches would be monitoring that so they could exploit any advantage.

To play one scenario out, young players would display their abilities and race out to an early lead in the series. Older players as discussed above, would take the middle games through guile and wily gamesmanship “twisting and turning” the mental makeup of the younger players. Eventually though, the frustration of the younger players would give them a “second wind” and allow them to race to the lead again in the series. And finally, in dramatic fashion, it could all come down to a deciding Game 15, series tied 7 games a piece. The intensity of the moment would be thick and the pace would ebb and flow coming down to the final minutes with the young players up by six points and under two minutes. Carmelo is defending Julius Erving and Lebron is on Michael Jordan. Hakeem Olajuwon and Shaquille O’Neal have been wearing out Duncan and Howard in the post-up game so maybe they will get the ball in a scoring opportunity. As usual for the older players, Robert Horry comes off the bench and makes two miraculous three point sending the game into overtime. Any fan could decide for themselves how the rest of the game would end up…

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  1. Sheky, 9 years ago Reply

    Are you nuts? These oldtimes could nevvvvvver compete aginst the speed of the new generation.

  2. SpursNation_Fan, 9 years ago Reply

    I think its a cool concept, but you would need to mix the teams with old and new on each team to make it more fair. Imagine Karl Malone and Dwight Howard on the same team!

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