The End is Near…

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The End is Near…

After 119 days of seemingly ridiuclous banter, it appears as though the end is near…for the Lockout that is.  After talks broke off last week with a Federal Mediator, it appeared as though the 2011-2012 NBA Season was all but lost. 

Surprise meetings were scheduled to resume this past Wednesday as both sides met for 16 hours, followed by 7 additional hours yesterday.  After talks broke for the day, both sides came out smiling and spoke of optimism and how they have managed to progress on many issues and feel optimistic a deal may be achievable.  Not only did both sides appear cheerful, but both sides collectively spoke of the ability to save the season and somehow manage to squeeze all 82 games.

If they are to return here is a rough estimation of what can be expected time wise:

- 7-10 Days of Free Agency
- 2-3 Exhibition Games
- Full 82 Game Season
- Playoffs pushing into early July 2012

Call it crazy thinking, but it is an exciting time to begin following the NBA once again as we may be approaching the end of the darkest days the NBA has experienced in years.

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