Time for a new hobby?

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Time for a new hobby?

After so much optimism following a weekend of lengthy negotiations and talks between the Players Union and NBA, it’s pretty safe to say that hope of starting the season on time is all but gone.

After today’s talks broke off, it’s come to light that both sides were unable to agree on a deal.  As indicated by Union head Billy Hunter, there is no planned talks anytime in the near future.  It’s safe to come to grips with the fact that the rest of the Pre-season and some of if not not most of the Regular Season are to be cancelled. 

The last and final hurdle that both couldn’t agree on was the percentage of guaranteed basketball-related income.  According to Derek Fisher, the Players were willing to come down to 53%, which was not enough for the Owners.

Derek Fisher, Player Union President spoke candidly to the mediaabout the willingness of the Players to work with the Owner, yet the figures were never close enough to even be considered close to a deal.

It’s a sad day for the NBA, a black eye on David Stern’s legacy and more importantly it’s the end of hope for NBA fans all over the world.  After one of the greatest NBA season’s in history that saw the Mavericks defeat the Lakers in a fantastic final, all momentum is officially done.  With the talks breaking off and no end in sight, one would assume it’s time to start following European Basketball.

Money has been said to be the route of all evil, and in the case of the NBA lockout…it proved itself once again.

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