Can the NBA lockout ‘stare-off’ be broken?

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Can the NBA lockout ‘stare-off’ be broken?

There are many NBA players beginning to tweet and voice their opinions that the new collective bargaining agreement should be voted on, signed and basketball should begin its new season. There are even owners that are beginning to leave their camp (Micky Arison) stating that a deal must be done, in subtle terms. Yes, these people are the voice of reason or the voice of boredom and frustration from a drawn-out stalemate. The current NBA lockout and its resulting negotiations does not show the collective-bargaining process to be an agreement towards a balanced commerce-driven relationship between employer and employee.
Plainly, it is not a collective-bargainin

g negotiation but a bitter standoff between employers and employees fought over a conference table. A look at history would show that these bitter relationships usually ended up with both sides taking up arms against one another (guns, bats, fists, knives). The same bitter stalemate can be seen in Congress between the Republicans and Democrats. Therefore, it is hoped that these voices of reason or boredom from both parties agree to move in one direction and think “outside of the box” to resolve this issue or bring it to a conclusion where fans, players and owners can all move forward at the same time.

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