Tentative Deal Specifics

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Tentative Deal Specifics

After word broke that the League/Owners and Players Association had a tentative deal set in place, the anticipation of the upcoming 66 game season began.  With the season set to begin on December 25th with a triple header on Christmas Day, a memo was sent to all players by Billy Hunter explaining the specifics of the deal.  Thanks to ESPN.com, let’s take a look at some of these details.

• NBA Players will receive a 51.2 percent share of Basketball Related Income in the 2011-12 season

•  Owners dropped their demand for unlimited escrow to reimburse teams in subsequent years if they spent too much on player salaries in any given season.

•  A player finishing his rookie scale contract will be eligible to receive a maximum salary equal to 30 percent of the salary cap — up from 25 percent — if he signs with his prior team and is either a two-time selection to the All-NBA first, second or third team; twice an All-Star starter or a one-time MVP.

•  Owners dropped their demand to cut the rookie wage scale as well as their demand to eliminate extend-and-trade deals as seen in February when Carmelo Anthony landed a lucrative contract extension as part of the trade that sent him from Denver to New York.

•  Annual salary increases will be set at 7.5 percent in Larry Bird contracts and 4.5 percent in non-Bird deals.

•  Owners dropped their demand to eliminate player options for high-paid players.

•  The owners agreed to a $4 million “apron” above the tax threshold which stipulates that teams may go above the luxury-tax line by $4 million and can still use the entire $5 million mid-level exception — or acquire a player via sign-and-trade. Teams above the $4 million tax apron are limited to a maximum $3 million mid-level exception that can be extended out for three seasons and used every year.

Although the deal is still tentative until all NBA Players vote, it is a safe assumption that if Union President Derek Fisher and Vice President Maurice Evans approve the deal that the majority of players will follow suit and vote yes.

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