There will be NBA basketball for 2011-12

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There will be NBA basketball for 2011-12

For any fan, the upcoming season will be a welcomed relief. No longer subjected to waiting for Saturday and Sunday’s NCAA and NFL games (although that is never bad), the NBA fan now will have a slew of games to watch from the East Coast 7:30 p.m. tip-off to the final buzzer on the West Coast past 1 a.m. EST. A full schedule of NBA games will be slated during the week, Fantasy Basketball begins and either weekday tickets to games or trips to the local bar & grill to watch over a pitcher. Ahhh yes, the NBA is back. It seemed like a year since the Heat lost to the Mavericks in the NBA finals this June. The technical jargon of the collective bargaining agreement washed away the memories of last season and were all but erased until this past weekend.

The fans shouldn’t welcome the new season with a warm embrace and forget the past five months of bickering and back-biting. But after the first few months of the season, when the players’ get into better condition and division races begin, they should warm up from booing to a kind grimace. Then, at the start of the playoffs culminate in a reconciliation. The players’ must earn the fans respect with breathless last second shots and spirited play night in and out (especially on the second night of a back to back). The owners’ must contribute by knocking down the price of a hot dog to $2.50 and a beer to $3–maybe lowering the parking prices down to a respectable $5 from the usual $15 or $20. We shall certainly have the chance to see, because the 2011-12 NBA season will happen.

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