Was there any point in the Lockout?

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Was there any point in the Lockout?

So the season is set to being on Christmas Day, December 25th with a triple header that will showcase 6 of the NBA’s most popular teams (Celtics vs Knicks, Heat vs Mavericks, Lakers vs Bulls).  Seems like a great way to start the shortened 66 game season off with a bang!  By opening up the season with 3 marquee games the NBA is bringing in the new year with the likes of Kobe, Paul Pierce, D-Rose, Amare, Carmelo and more…

After 149 days that saw the NBA and Team Owners lockout Players for what we were made to believe were a multitude of issues we are back to business.  And the business at hand seems to be the same as before.  We begin the 2011 post-lockout era with rumors swirling about guess who?  Chris Paul headed to the Knicks and Dwight Howard possibly headed to the Lakers.  It feels like yesterday (Actually last season) that we were hearing rumors galore about the upcoming free agency of these 2 NBA Super Stars.  And now that the lockout has ended we are back to where we were 6 months ago.

There is a new agreement tentatively in place with some changes from the old deal that apparently have significantly changed the scope of NBA roster management….Right? 

A revised BRI % split, Revised Salary-Cap and Tax System, Contract length, Annual Increases, Minimum/Maximum Salaries, Rookie Rules, Amnesty Rules, Free Agency, Revenue Sharing and Agreement Terms have all been changed to better the game.  To better allow smaller market teams to compete in a fair playing field.  Yet, after all the bickering, game cancellations and missed basketball we are left where we started.

Chris Paul and Dwight Howard will be moved via sign-and-trade, the Lakers are going to stock up their roster, a multitude of other players are potentially on the move and you know who the biggest loser out of all of this STILL is? 

The Fans.

We have missed a proper Free Agency period, pre-season schedule and most importantly 16 Regular Season games.  To the untrained eye it all seems a little all for nothing.  Greedy Owners bickering with their equally greedy players over Millions of dollars.  All the while when their fans are at home sitting and waiting for the what happened on Sunday morning when a tentative deal was announced.

Changes need to be made in professional sports that will allow for lockouts to occur.  No one is saying it becomes an essential service, but rules must be set in place into these agreements that prevent any further loss of games.  Because in the end the only real loser ends up being the fans.

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