Welcome Back NBA

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Welcome Back NBA

It took some extreme negotiating, but FINALLY the NBA Players Association and the NBA/Owners have come to a tentative agreement that will see the lockout end and the NBA Season begin.  Albeit late.

Fans alike have been sitting on the edge of their seats for weeks waiting to hear the news from NBA Commissioner David Stern and League Players Association President Derek Fisher that the lockout is over and a tentative agreement has been made baring a players vote (they are expected to agree to it).  David Stern, Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher held an early morning meeting to announce the tentative deal. 

Through the beginning, we all knew that this lockout was going to go for quite a while.  The specifics of the new deal were just too difficult for it to have been settled upon in a reasonable time frame.  An agreement was made between both sides with each essentially splitting the revenue split we’ve known as BRI through it all as well many new tweaks and changes to other items such as the Mid-Level Exception, Contract Length, Amount as well as all the many special rules that lie between each of these.

This being said, The NBA is back and it’s finally time to get down to work.  We have waited for months to plan out our prospected Fantasy Basketball League, watch your favorite team go through Free-Agency and catch up with the League as we watch Pre-season games and check out the new class of Rookies.

An expected 66 game season is set to begin on Christmas day with a to be announced triple game lineup!

December 9th: Free Agency and Training Camp will begin

Welcome back NBA!

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