Will Miami be the big winner of new Amnesty Clause?

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Will Miami be the big winner of new Amnesty Clause?

The NBA Lockout will eventually end and once it does the newly revised Amnesty Clause is set to kick in. 

With much of the focus of the Lockout ending pretty quiet since the last round of talks broke off, more attention has been shed on the NBA’s soon to be new Amnesty clause that will allow teams to release players and get the benefits of Salary-cap and Luxury Tax relief. 

This lockout has no doubt provided much needed time for teams to assess their rosters and make choices on the direction their Franchise should take.  Is it time to re-build?  Is it time to stock up and compete for a run at the Title?  These are just a couple of the questions that have been asked.  With the most likely list of Amnesty cuts pretty obvious it’s clear that there is going to be 1 team that will benefit most…The Miami Heat.

Pat Riley has already done an amazing job of stock piling a semi All-Star team with James, Wade and Bosh.  Along with solid veteran support in Haslem, Bibby, Dampier and Eddie House it’s no wonder the Heat made it to the Finals last year.  They did lose however, and it proved )for 1 year at least) that the Heat weren’t good enough to win it all.  With the expected release of numerous veteran former Stars in the league it’s a safe bet that you can expect Miami to make a run at them.   With the likes of Baron Davis, Rashard Lewis, Marvin Williams and Richard Jefferson all to become available (just to name a few) the Heat will be the most desired destination for these players. 

With the NBA Championship having come so close to bewing theirs last  year, Riley and Co. will undoubetly stop atg nothing to win it all this year, if it happens. 

Is it fair?  Or is it just another team in another  professional sports league taking advantage of the system and having players that are desperate to win a Championship.  No matter how they do so.

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