Are you ready for some NBA?

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Are you ready for some NBA?

What a whirlwind this past off-season has been.  We were witness to yet another lockout in the NBA that saw the Players Union and Owners/League go back and forth for months until finally agreeing to a new deal.  A deal that was agreed upon after fans saw the League cancel the Pre-Season and announced a shortened 66 game season.

David Stern looked beaten down and tired after this round of negotiations, and if the rumors are true should be nearing the end of his tenure as NBA Commissioner and the reign handed to Deputy Commish Adam Silver very soon.  We watched the greed of Players and Owners alike take control of the game we love so dear.  And for what? For money, and not love of the game which is what it should be about.  Fans were forced to sit on the side lines and watch as the NBA was falling apart in front of our eyes. 

But they’re back, and the season is set to tip-off tomorrow (Christmas Day) with a 5 game lineup that will shocase 10 of the NBA;s best and most popular teams.  The exictement is building as we are ready for some NBA Action and ready to watch what seems to be a new generation of NBA Basketball.

So as we head into this new Season, let’s take a look at some points to keep an eye on as the shot clock is reset to 24 and we wait to see who we crown NBA Champ at the end of the year:

- Will Steve Nash finally show his age? 
- Is CP3 and Blake Griffin enough to finally make the Clippers relevant again? (They’re marketable, but will they be relevant in the standings)
- Is this the year that Father time catched up with the Lakers?  Kobe and Pau are looking pretty isolated out in La La Land!
- Is this Tim Duncan’s swan song?  heading into his 15th season, has the Big Fundamental reached his end?
- Which rookie will have the biggest impact on their new club? Jimmer? Irving? Williams? Rubio?
- What will the Clippers do with so many Point Guards on their roster
- Will Ricky Rubio effectively take his game to the next level and be a star in the NBA?
- Who will finish last overall in the league, and will it be on purpose? Toronto, Cleveland, Washington?
- Is Dwight Howard going to stay in orlando all season and be productive, or be destracted all year?
- Will the NBA regret voiding the CP3 to the Lakers trade?
- How truly hated is Kris Humprhies?
- Will Lebron James and the Miami Heat soar through the league and win it all as originally poredicted last season with the Big 3 still in tact and stronger than ever with some new supporting cast members in town?
- Is Boston’s “Big 3″ heading into the final hoorah as age appears to be catching up with them?
- Who will battle Blake Griffin at the All-Star weekend and try to take his crown as Slam-Dunk Champion?
- Will Dirk and Company repeat as Champions or fall victim to all the roster changes that took place during this shortened NBA off-season?
- What will be of Greg Oden?  After yet another setback, is it time for Oden to call it quits?
- Can Baron Davis be the answer the Knicks are looking for at Point Guard?
- Will Kevin Durant be the NBA’s scoring champion once again?
- Will Mike Brown fill the enormous shoes left by Phil Jackson in Lakers-Land?

 So with the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics set to tip-off at Noon it looks like we are ready to play ball.  The lockout still lingers in the back of our minds, but with the league back on the court it’s a distant memory and hopefully watching the league kick-off will make the lockout the past and this condensed season can make up for the loss of ball for the past few months.


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