Basketball is BACK!

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Basketball is BACK!

I am certain that I have at least millions of people agreeing with me when I say “The best Christmas present was the fact that basketball is back!”

The big stadiums, polished courts, stage lights and thousands of fans have a reason to be set alight as the sound of the players running, ball bouncing and the beautiful ‘swish’ is now heard!

Basketball was missed by too many people as we endured the long and painful lockout but it was quickly forgotten as the first ball was tipped off in the Celtics Vs Knicks game! It reminded us of why we love the game and everything about it!

In just two games we have been provided by aplenty of highlights and great performances that shows us a small glimpse of what we are in for in this shortened season.

Rondo reminded us why he is one of the most highly rated point guards in the competition with his scintillating 31 points, 13 assists, 5 steals game and Anthony showed the Knicks that they did the right thing by giving away good players in order to trade for him by scoring 37 points which included a few clutch shots that allowed them to beat Celtics by 2.

The biggest threat this year, Miami, came to play on Christmas Day and showed everyone why they were the favourites to claim the ring. LeBron, Wade and the others all displayed such superb teamwork that allowed all of them to dominated the reigning champions! ¬†Lebron racked up an amazing 37 point, 10 rebound and 6 assist game and he is looking like a man on a mission! Wade wasn’t far behind with 26 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists. There are still critics on Bosh’s back as he scored 4 points along with 7 Rebounds but if Lebron and Wade dominate like they did in this game, Bosh will just have to enjoy the ride. There are question marks as to whether Dallas can repeat the run to championship due to big losses such as Chandler, Barea and Butler. Dirk will need far more support from Carter, Odom and Kidd if he is going to win another ring.

Deng continued to put in his case for the most underrated player as he worked hard for the whole game, whether it was pressuring the Lakers, getting the steal, dishing off an assist, scoring goals or even blocking the potential game winner from Lakers. Deng finished with 21 Points, 7 Rebounds, 4 Steals and 3 Assists to his name. Rose showed us why he was the MVP last year scoring the winning goal under humongous pressure to go along with his 22 points and 5 assists.Kobe played on in spite of his niggling injury and showed that he still had his smooth jump shot as he tried to carry his team over the line with 28 points but fell short.

Possibly the biggest storyline this year, Dwight Howard and Orlando Magic as they will be constantly scrutinised on the performances and the trade talk as many people believe this is the start of the fall of Magic. While the other big story this year, Durant and Westbrook showed why they were the favourite to win the West Conference this year as they beat Magic behind Durant’s 30 points, 6 assists and Westbrook’s 19 points and 6 assists. Anderson was a shining light as he fired 6 out of 12 three pointers for Magic to finish with 25 points but they will need more support from J-Rich as he scored 2 points of 1 out of 10 shots along with Hedo’s play making skills if they are to prove the critics wrong and to keep Dwight happy

And the last game included a team that many people have high expectations for due to the many big changes they made. The other Los Angeles faced the Warriors and they didn’t disappoint! Paul scored 20 points and dished off 9 dimes to go with Billups’ 21 points and 4 dimes. The Rookie of last year, Griffin scored 22 to go with 7 rebounds and Jordan showed he was a suitable defensive anchor with his 8 blocks. While Golden State will have to go home and practice their shooting as the dynamic duo, Curry scored 2 out of 12 and Ellis got 6 out of 19


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