Clippers stand most to win in courtship of Howard

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Clippers stand most to win in courtship of Howard

The hot topic in the NBA right now is the impending free agency period and the main player’s name involved in a potential blockbuster deal is Dwight Howard. The Nets, Clippers and Lakers have positioned themselves as frontrunners although the Nets have denied any interest in Howard. The important observation in any trade is if it will benefit both teams. Salary considerations also have to be made but for the purposes of this blog, it will be only an examination of each teams needs and the Magic’s needs.

1.   Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers didn’t advance far in the playoffs because of their lack of scoring behind Kobe Bryant. Pau Gasol was exhausted on the defensive end, Metta World Peace was non-existent and the loss of Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic was glaring for bench scoring. Its reported the Lakers are dangling Andrew Bynum, but a center-for-center trade without any other skill player would leave the Lakers right where they are now. The Lakers should look elsewhere. The Magic could take on players and make the deal to get rid of Howard though.

2. New Jersey Nets: Even though the Nets GM has denied any interest in Howard, they could be a potential suitor. The Nets have no rebounding or scoring other than Brook Lopez. Even Lopez has to improve on his 6.0 rpg in 2010-11.  An acquisition of Howard would entail giving up Lopez plus another player, but New Jersey can’t afford to lose anyone. They can mortgage picks in the upcoming drafts, but even with Howard they wouldn’t gain much. The Magic would lose very much looking to the Nets and would declare this season a rebuilding year, almost ‘gutting’ the team in any potential scenario.

3. Los Angeles Clippers: The Clippers have a tremendous front court with Blake Griffin, Chris Kaman and Diondre Jordan. Their backcourt of Eric Gordon and Mo Williams provides a lot of offense and Eric Bledsoe comes off the bench to give scoring ‘pop’. This would be the team to give Orlando something in return for losing a franchise player like Howard. Second-tier players like J.J. Reddick, Jameer Nelson, Brandon Bass come into play here to even out a possible trade package, but Howard alone is worth the deal.

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