CP3–blockbuster trade to Knicks likely not to happen

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CP3–blockbuster trade to Knicks likely not to happen

The potential deal to send Chris Paul to the Knicks is a “No-Go”. Mainly because the Knicks don’t have any players of ‘trade-value’ to send to the Hornets. Similar to Denver’s position last year in the Carmelo Anthony trade, the Hornets won’t give up Paul without getting something in return. When the trade was completed, Knicks starters ended up playing the most minutes of any starters in the league. The Knicks were also horrible on defense. Denver clearly got the better of the deal getting Raymond Felton and Danilo Galinari.

The Knicks would just be better off keeping Chauncey Billups healthy and playing with the limited talent surrounding Stoudemire and Anthony. Paul on the other hand, will play for New Orleans and have to wait. The Hornets can’t let Paul go without trading him to a team and getting ‘value’ players back–similar to the ‘Melo trade last season. After a hot start last year, New Orleans simply ‘faded’ a quarter into the season towards a losing record. New Orleans has no rebounding, no bench and no scoring behind Paul and David West.

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