Dallas loses JJ Barea

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Dallas loses JJ Barea

Dallas has lost one of its key pieces to last season’s title: JJ Barea, as reported by David Aldridge, will be signing with the Minnesota Timberwolves. This is a great move for Minnesota in its attempts to keep Kevin Love because Barea can ‘spot-start’ and do his best damage as a sixth man. Dallas though with its trade for Lamar Odom has lost via free agency Tyson Chandler and now Barea, two players which it has been widely reported, put Dallas over the top in its Finals series versus Miami. Now, Dallas must search for a replacement for Barea and for Chandler of which they currently have none on the present roster. It is obvious though, that the replacement for Barea won’t bring his same explosiveness and won’t make the same contribution to the team.

So even though Dallas is still a major favorite to repeat as NBA Champions, they can’t be given that ‘pre-season title’ yet. The Dallas coaching staff has a lot of work to do and Rick Carlisle can’t be happy losing Chandler and Barea. The Dallas roster now has aging veterans who will cripple the team if they fall to injuries. In a shortened season, it is thought veterans will have more energy for the playoffs and be less injury prone than throughout an 82 game season. Now those factors come largely into play for all fans to monitor, than it may have seemed yesterday after the surprise Odom trade.

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