End of the Road for the NBA’s 3-Point King?

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End of the Road for the NBA’s 3-Point King?

In 1996, The Minnesota Timberwolves drafted a young man out of UCONN by the name of Ray Allen with the 5th overall pick.  They knew he was skilled, yet they shipped him off to the Milwaukee Bucks along with Andrew Lang in exchange for Stephon Marbury.  Some can argue that looking back at it, this trade was one sided.  Marbury had his share of troubles, yet was a quality Point Guard in the league for “a time”.  What can  be said, is that Ray Allen is and will always be known as one of the greatest shooters and potent scorers the NBA has ever seen.

Allen is a 10 time All-Star, an Olympic Gold Medalist, an NBA Champion and as of February of this year became the NBA’s all-time 3-point King.  Allen surpassed Reggie Millers record of 2560 career made 3-pointers and now holds the distinction of draining the most 3′s.  So to say that Allen’s career is filled with accolades and awards might be an understatement.

Allen was an All-Star and played on some good teams and some great players yet never got over the hump to win an NBA Championship.  That is until 2007 when he was traded to the Boston Celtics and joined forces with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to created the first version of the Big 3.  In 2008, his dream of becoming an NBA Champion became a reality when the Celtics knocked off the Los Angeles Lakers in 6 games to win the NBA Championship.  Allen sacrificed being the #1 scoring option and go to guy with the than Supersonics in order to hopefully win a Title when he agreed to the deal that sent him to Boston.  

His gamble paid off as he now enters his 16th season in the league with little to nothing to prove except that he still has it.  He’s won it all and has accomplished more than one could ever dream of winning.  And now he enters this season with a cloud over his head.  A cloud of unknowns whether or not he still has enough fuel in the tank to compete at a high enough level to battle the new generation of NBA Stars.  No one has or will ever question his skill and ability, but as time goes on it should definitely be noted that Allen may be a step or 2 slower than he once was.  His accuracy has remained and his shooting abiloity has most likely gone nowhere, but does he still have the passion?

Already an NBA Champ, the Celtics enter this season as a team with an aged roster who might be entering their last season of competitive ball before they will need to retool their roster.  Ray Allen has been there before and heard the naysayers question him before, but now it’s different.  Coming off an extended lockout and minimized Pre-Season and Training Camp his conditioning will be tested in this shortened and sped up season.

Whatever the outcome, Ray Allen will always be remembered as one of the games greatest shooters and classiest players.  Whether fumes or fuel, Ray Allen will go out the same way he has played his entire career…

Draining 3-pointers!

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