Heat display new uptempo fastbreak offense

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Heat display new uptempo fastbreak offense

The Miami Heat have begun the season with a roar in their first two games displaying a fast break attack that pushes and pressures opposing defenses. On Christmas Day, they outscored Dallas 31-10 on fast break points. Tonight they put the same pressure on the Boston defense with similar results but committed many turnovers, threw errant passes and shot poorly against a much better defense. Coach Spolestra has commented that his approach is for the team to ‘run more’ and ‘think less’ saying he had to keep the offense controlled with set plays because the team and coaches were just learning to work together. Now, a year in, he is giving James, Wade and Bosh the ability to create more offense from the fast break.

Eventually, this is the same offense the Heat tried last year at the beginning of the season which ‘watered-down’ into a lot of Wade and Lebron holding the ball too long, no movement, ‘one pass-one shot’ offense. A great example was tonight when the Heat rocketed off to a hot start, but bogged down in the second quarter when Boston was able to setup their defense, double Lebron and force him to pass the ball. Then the Heat were off center throwing bad passes and taking horrible shots which led to Boston keeping the game close. Another example was the fastbreak attack couldn’t penetrate Boston’s 2-3 zone. Lebron and Wade had to become part of the offense rather than the focal point and they couldn’t find shooters or penetrate to break the zone. Finally, shots by Battier and Norris Cole kept the Heat in the lead for good.

Spolestra also has said as well as other Heat players that together with the fastbreak offense, they would help each other by creating ‘space’ between one another on the floor to find good shots and use their Basketball I.Q. to identify the ‘smart’ plays to make. The Heat though would be better served by keeping some set plays in the playbook and waiting for weaknesses in the the opposition to initiate the fastbreak rather than the opposite.

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