Paul deal to Lakers done for now

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Paul deal to Lakers done for now

And so the saying goes that ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it too’. That was applied Thursday night when the NBA vetoed the trade between New Orleans, Los Angeles and Houston which would’ve sent Chris Paul to the Lakers because of ‘basketball reasons’. Numerous NBA owners, most notably Mark Cuban, it is reported voiced their objections to Commissioner David Stern at the trade which goes against any supposed gains made in the ratification of a new collective bargaining agreement. New Orleans is owned by the NBA, has little fan base and a lot of financial troubles. The trade would’ve effectively ended any chances of maintaining a franchise in New Orleans and the Hornets would’ve mailed in their lottery status with a dismal losing season.

If anything is to be taken from the last five months of back-biting, dissension and finger-pointing its that the agreement (no matter how weak it is) has to work somehow. Six years from now, the players can opt-out of the new CBA and fans will have to endure more torture of legalese terms like Basketball-related income and amnesty unless with the new agreement, a workable solution can be hammered out as the two sides move along. The NBA and Commissioner Stern will receive a lot of negative press from reversing on the trade, but it will save the league in the long term.

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