Shawn Marion feels disrespected

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Shawn Marion feels disrespected

Shawn Marion probably burned more than his scalp with the new bleach he applied to turn his hair blonde. In an interview done by writer Jeff Caplan, Marion is ‘ticked’ that people aren’t giving the Mavericks respect for winning the NBA title. The interview begins with Marion getting offended when someone referred to him as a world champion. Then began a cock-eyed tirade about ‘not being given respect’ and ‘having people kiss his a#$’ on being overlooked in pre-season news about the NBA.

Obviously, he isn’t used to being a champion and is conducting himself accordingly. Regardless of what the media says or doesn’t say, the NBA teams all know that the Mavericks are the favorites to repeat as NBA Champs. Each NBA teams’ ¬†coaching staff is game planning against the Dallas offense–how to contain Dirk, how to defend the three-point shooters and lessen Kidd’s impact on the game. Night in and night out this season, the Mavericks will get each team’s best game. The Dallas Mavericks have a large bulls-eye target the size of Texas on their back–MAKE NO MISTAKE. Curiously, it should be monitored throughout the season if Marion’s feeling of ‘disrespect’ continues, or he sees that its more important to focus on preparing for what lies ahead.

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