The ‘flop’ is a poor strategy used in NBA games

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The ‘flop’ is a poor strategy used in NBA games

The ‘flop’ is possibly the single greatest event in NBA games that players use in a strategic sense. A ‘flop’ is when an NBA player exaggerates a physical act during a game so that it will catch the attention of the referees, usually ending up in a foul to the opposing player. Many times star players or defensive players will use the ‘flop’ during a game, eitherĀ flailingĀ their hands in the air while attempting a shot, making a backward dive on to the floor or going down to the ground appearing to be very hurt. Fans viewing the game or sitting in the arena recognize when a player uses the ‘flop’ and respond accordingly. The ‘flop’ is seen as a very cowardly act by most, but as a strategic tool by many players to gain an advantage during a game.

It is very frustrating to watch players who in today’s NBA are bigger, faster and stronger than in any previous era perform this act. The idea behind it is players must conserve their strength during a game so they can’t always collide with other players via muscle versus muscle. In a 48 minute game there are many ‘ebbs and flows’ and every inch of strength will count in the fourth quarter. It doesn’t speak well to the basketball intelligence of NBA players when they use such a ‘schoolyard’ or ‘pick-up game’ tactic in a professional game. Naturally players must conserve their energy but it seems better to gain advantages with what is presented during a game or season (clock management, scouting reports, improvement on weaknesses during practice, in-game instincts, opposing team tendencies) and adjust their games accordingly.

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