‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly!

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‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly!

Christmas trees, candy canes, and a lot of shopping followed by gift wrapping is what comes to mind for people all around the globe during this time of year. But, if you’re a basketball fiend, you know that after a frenetic journey through numbers and percents, as well as egos, basketball season is what you think about when you see Santa Claus in his big red suit. December 25th marks the launch of the 2011-2012 NBA season and NBA fans never would have thought they would be able to see this day come.

Players, owners, and the National Basketball Association as a whole, along with their counterparts, rode through a tumultuous whirl of emotions to get basketball junkies their fix this year. Angry fans expressed their displeasure through social networking almost religiously and this demonstrates how the game of basketball has devout individuals who support the cause through it all. However, apathy was slowly stemming and all members a part of the lockout circumstance were brought to a reality check, no matter how “off” they were from getting a deal. On November 26th, the nightmare was over after pushing and prodding, along with humbling tactics and Spaulding enthusiasts were awake at 5 A.M watching NBA TV, thrilled from the exciting news and what we had in store in the next few weeks. Conversely, with complex issues during the ascension of the season, everyone knew things would not be smooth sailing for things to come.

Even before there was actually a season to be discussed, there was muddle, perplexity, and craziness at an all-time high. After that mess was somewhat cleared with a deal to end the lockout, the offseason rumors transpired a whole new margin of disarray. Billups is furious about the Knicks waiving him, Odom to the Mavs, the Tyson Chandler acquisition to the Knicks, Dwight pleading to go to the Nets and, subjectively speaking, one of the wildest of them all- where in the world is Chris Paul going?! The trade was called off for “basketball reasons.” Yeah, whatever that means. Minute after minute, there was a new rumor or update and everybody was puzzled and trying to keep up. As one of the most outrageous off seasons’ to date, it still continues on as a few days are left until the brief off season and then the commencement of the actual season for this year. One of the worries for this short-tailed season is the game of basketball being overpowered by the politics of the game and nobody wants that. As the ticker ticks, we will see how this unusual term of basketball will play out.

The 2011-2012 season has already been epic and it has not even embarked on its exhilarating voyage as of yet. However, one of the most heartbreaking pieces of information brought to basketball fans in the offseason was the medical retirement of Brandon Roy. Unstoppable when healthy, B. Roy was one of the most talented competitors in the league even when injured an allotment of the time he was here, as he won Rookie of the Year in 2007, one year after he entered the NBA. With only 5 years within the league itself, his name will always be remembered and he shattered plenty of hearts with his announcement of retirement due to a degenerative knee condition. His infamous mid-range pull up jumper is engraved in his fans’ brains and hearts. At the age of 27, after fighting through pain and battling for his team, he can say he left a vestige of who Brandon Dawayne Roy is as a person and as a ball player. Best wishes to him.
The Knicks were on the come up since last season with gaining Stat (Chauncey Billups), and Carmelo Anthony, and so far, they have fared the best in this year’s offseason. Arguably, they have one of the best front court set ups and they have great chances of going far out and beyond to achieve big things. Even with losing Billups and him having a bad temperament at this point for ultimately being fired, this team is ready to play. We also can see youngsters play in an NBA jersey for the first time such as Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Kemba Walker, Derrick Williams and Iman Shumpert. But who goes home with the chip this year? The Knicks, Bulls, or Heat would be suitable in my book. The Knicks are ready, the Big Three are on their rode to redemption from last season, fans can feel it in their bones, and Derrick Rose and his squad are pumped. As long as the Lakers do not win another championship, which is unlikely due to changes in their roster and adjusting to the offensive play of Mike Brown. Another ring for the Lakers will be another ring for Kobe and this means he will be on a par with Michael Jordan himself. Kobe does not need another ego booster if you ask me and MJ deserves that title for a little while longer. Besides, in an article featured on latimes.com, writer T.J Simers states to Kobe himself, “you guys don’t appear to be as good as last year.” Kobe’s response? “That’s because we’re probably not.” All in all, basketball devotees nationwide will be able to support their habit as Christmas day approaches with an all day experience of hoops.

Does anyone else hear jingle bells?

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