Why the Bulls are a move away from contending?

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Why the Bulls are a move away from contending?

The Chicago Bulls were 62-20 last season, by far it was a great season.

Last year in the playoffs, they struggled to get through teams that would load up the paint on Derrick Rose with big bodies and defend him with a bigger and longer defender. The Bulls lacked any consistency from their shooters on the outside. Derrick Rose will need another premier scorer, preferably a big man to win the NBA finals.

Carlos Boozer is decent, but he lacks any above the rim play. Joakim Noah is a great defender but he lacks any touch around the rim to finish against other defenders. Luol Deng is their second scoring threat and he is to inconsistent.

I believe it’s to early to tell if Richard Hamilton will work out or not. As much as Rose wants to win a championship for his hometown by himself, he should really be talking to Jerry Reinsdorf about bringing in Dwight Howard or at least another consistent scorer. This would make them tough to beat, even by the Miami Heat.

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