2011 playoff teams setting pace in young season

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2011 playoff teams setting pace in young season

Every team now is at the ‘quarter point’ of the season (about 16-17 games). And the results are no surprise, the playoff teams from last season are at the top or contending for the top in their respective divisions. The abbreviated season though has proven that the players wouldn’t be fresh with extra time (as was thought) and many teams have injury reports filled with players. Dallas after a horrendous start to the season is now at 10-7 and has played well in the many back to back games they’ve had to begin the season. The Bulls have zoomed out to the best record in the NBA but its no surprise considering their schedule is less grueling than other teams. The Heat went 5-3 in their road games where they played eight out of their first twelve on the road.

The Celtics are still reeling from the late season trade of Kendrick Perkins last year. It amazing how much one player not part of their ‘Big Three’ played such a huge role in their defensive game plan which was so tough. The Oklahoma City Thunder, picked to face the Heat in the NBA Finals has played well but the Northwest Division is extremely competitive and will be interesting. The Thunder can’t be crowned Western Conference Champs yet. The surprises so far have been the Timberwolves, Cavaliers and Clippers. The first two teams are pleasant, the Clippers are a surprise because they play ‘as advertised’. The next seventeen games leading to the All-Star break will be interesting to see if tendencies stay the same or change.

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