Barkley as in-game analyst–Review

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Barkley as in-game analyst–Review

Charles Barkley reminded a national television audience why he is only a beloved figure in basketball as a retired player. He sat with Reggie Miller and Kevin Harlan for the Miami Heat-Atlanta Hawks game on Thursday night and offered an arrogant, horrible analysis filled with mistakes. Early in the first quarter Barkley referred to the Atlanta Hawks as the Miami Hawks and late in the third quarter he named Giants DE Justin Tuck as a member of the Jets. Barkley didn’t waste a second doubting every coaching move Larry Drew or Erik Spoelstra made and imposed on the audience his own distorted view of ‘how things should happen’. This was a reminder of Barkley’s playing days in Philadelphia where he alienated himself from teammates and fans with his ‘diva’ attitude and was then dealt to Phoenix.

A perfect example of Barkley’s terrible analysis was from Reggie Miller who constantly questioned Barkley’s take on the events of the game. Barkley never stopped claiming in one way or another that he could do a better job than the coaches, the referees and even the players. Barkley has developed an ‘elitist’ attitude in his analysis in the studio and on the court towards role players saying that a team is ‘only as good as its best player’. It seems that Barkley has forgotten that he never played all five positions in the game and forty-eight minutes for each position simultaneously. Barkley is comical and adds levity to the TNT broadcast but it ends there. He did give good insight at times with the Heat’s offensive approach late in the game when highlighting Chris Bosh setting picks on the high post, but never went further for either squad.

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