Cousins situation important for young players

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Cousins situation important for young players

Young High school and college players should watch the situation unfolding in Sacramento with DeMarcus Cousins and the Kings front office. It is an absolutely great example on why they should stay in college the full term (four years) before they decide to declare themselves eligible for the NBA. More often than not, a majority of young players cannot handle life as a ‘professional’ basketball player. It is not always a question of being mature or immature, its that young players who have talent and ability do not know yet the demands that will be placed upon them as professionals. The biggest difference being is that in a college program, a young player has much more guidance to learn what is necessary to be a consistent player game in, game out. As a professional, those skills must already be in place and now must be applied. Whether the player is tired, sick, bored, lonely he must meet the demands of his contract and play to a high standard for an 82 game season.

The main argument for young players to declare for the draft early is that since they are over 18, then no organization can deny them the right to seek employment. This was why up until recently, the NBA allowed high school players to enter the draft skipping college all together. But the pressures that a life of professional basketball brings off-the-court is just too great (greedy family members and friends, drugs and alcohol, temptations of fame and money) to deny anymore. Unless the NBA makes its Development League a true ‘minor league’ farm system, then college and high school players must heed bad examples set by players who have come before them (Michael Beasley, DeMarcus Cousins, Len Bias, Antoine Walker, etc).

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