Dwight Howard is the poster child of a ‘diva’ athlete

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Dwight Howard is the poster child of a ‘diva’ athlete

Dwight Howard is like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Fans shouldn’t get it wrong, its not that he wants to win. He just wants to be with the ‘winners’ and has already written off the Magic as a ‘bunch of losers’. In the midst of their losing streak, Howard called out teammates and stated to reporters that ‘guys looked like they didn’t want to play’. He kept on with reporters ‘referring’ to Magic players but not mentioning anyone by name. Finally, he finished stating that the players should play there hardest anyways and additional things (like his impending trade) didn’t matter when it came to playing basketball. Truly, Howard is living in an ‘ivory tower’ in his views to the situation.

Of course, a contributing factor to the Magic’s losing streak would be Howard’s impending trade rumors. Howard comes out almost weekly now in the media stating where he would like to be traded. Scan the last thirty years in professional sports and it is very hard to name one team who wasn’t affected mentally at thought of losing one of their best players. This is simply youth and immaturity on the part of Howard. Howard is immature because he believes that his views are singular and don’t have an effect on others. He is young (only 26) in believing that his selfish needs and his ability to play basketball are one in the same. Howard isn’t a leader and should stop talking to the press about his destinations and future plans while still in his current position.

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